ARC Winter Program

Bertrand Fay:  Educated in Hartford and Baltimore with graduate degrees in Theology and Liberal Studies, he was an academic and a Roman Catholic priest until 1992.  “I was,” he says, “always ‘on the boards’ in Albany, Schenectady, Chicago, etc. doing original prose/poetry readings, a substantial Shakespeare recital and above all, my beloved Greek tragedies…the works of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides…principal agents of a coming-to-life for me.”

Tom Driver:  Paul Tillich Professor Emeritus of Theology & Culture at Union Theological Seminary.  Writer on Greek, Shakespearean and modern drama.  Author: Liberating Rites:  Understanding the Transforming Power of Ritual (Westview Press 1997).  A friend of Marvin Halverson, Paul Tillich and Amos Wilder, he was present at the creation of ARC.

Lillian Sigal:  PhD in English Literature.  Teaches in Religion Dept. at Coleraine College in Philadelphia.  She has taught ANTIGONE in literature and mythology courses in various colleges.  She is a board member and program chair of ARC.

Jim Lewis:  Artist and designer who works in wood and other natural materials.  “Much of my work is in sacred spaces, so I am used to telling stories by allusion and metaphor.  The biggest challenge with ANTIGONE was making the masks large enough to hold their characters with an absolute minimum of detail.”  He is also a qualified architect.  His work may be seen online at

Patrick J. Quinn, FAIA:  Institute Professor Emeritus at Rensselaer where he was formerly Dean of Architecture.  His award-winning church designs were published in Art d’Eglise, Faith & Form, Kunst & Kirche, Architectural Record and most recently in F. Debuyst:  Il Genius Loci Cristiano (2000 Sinai, Milan).  He is an ARC board member.

Nelvin Vos: Professor Emeritus of English, Muhlenberg College. Author of several books on drama. Former President of ARC, now serving as Executive Director