The Society for the Arts, 
Religion and Contemporary Culture

Winter Program
February 5, 2000
The founders speak on ARCís great theme

"The Meaning of Myth"

Through their voices, their writings and their followers.

9:30am Coffee

Marvin Halverson and the beginnings of ARC
 William J Conklin


Paul Tillich and the Mythology of Culture
 Langdon Gilkey

Memories of Tillich a video tape by Tom Driver


Stanley Hopper and Mythopoetics 
David Miller

"Myth, Dream, and Imagination" a video tape interview by Dan Noel

12:15 Q&A/ Discussion
12:30 Lunch
1:15 pm

W.H.Auden Auden: From Myth to Parable
Edward Mendelson

Excerpts: an audio tape of an ARC Winecellar with W. H. Auden and Rollo May

2:15 pm

Rollo May Myth and the Psychology of Religion
 Betty Meyer

3:15 pm

Louis I. Kahn Architecture as the Embodiment of Myth
 William J Conklin

Louis I. Kahn's doodle drawn on an ARC program, 
Friday July 7th, 1972. Kahn was one of the speakers. 
The subject was "Post-Modern Architecture: A visual seminar." 
It was the first time, to my knowledge, the phrase "postmodern" 
was used in an architectural context.  -- William J. Conklin

Kahn at an ARC winecellar excerpts from an audio tape

3:30 pm

Summary discussion :ARCís mid-twentieth century thought concerning the concept of myth and the emerging 21st century.

Edward Mendelson
Betty Meyer
David Miller

William J Conklin, moderator

4:30 wine and cheese

Location: The Program will be held at the House of the Redeemer, 7 East 95th Street, New York City. 9:30am Ė 4:00pm

Biographical material

Betty Meyerís qualifications include her past position as Associate Professor at Crane Theological School at Tufts but also includes many editorial positions including her current position as editor of Faith and Form, the AIA Journal on Religious Architecture. She was recently elected to the position of Honorary Membership in the American Institute of Architects. She is an ARC Fellow and long time friend and admirer of Rollo May.

David Millerís teaching and writing are in the areas of Religion and Myth, Depth Psychology and Literary Theory. He has published some sixty articles and five books and is the Watson-Ledden Professor of Religion at Syracuse. His books include Interpretation: the Poetry of Meaning (Harcourt Brace 1967) edited with Stanley Hopper. His most recent book is entitled Jung and the Interpretation of the Bible (Continuum 1995). David Miller is an ARC Fellow. His complete biographical information can be found at his Web site.

Edward Mendelson is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University; his most recent book is Later Auden (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1999); his next book, in progress, is on childbirth, childhood, love, sex, and marriage in seven
novels by women; he is also contributing editor of PC Magazine."  In 1972 W. H. Auden appointed him Literary Executor of his estate and since Audenís death, Mendelson has been responsible for all editions of Auden's works. Edward Mendelson is an ARC Fellow.

Langdon Gilkey, author of Gilkey on Tillich (Crossroads Press), taught at the University of Chicago Divinity School from 1963 through 1989. He first met Tillich in 1947, became his student and later his friend and collaborator. He is the subject of Langdon Gilkey: Theologian for a Culture in Decline by Brian J. Walsh and the author of Nature, Reality, and the Sacred: The Nexus of Science and Religion (Theology and the Sciences.) Currently he is working on a book entitled Theology of Rheinold Niebuhr to be published by the University of Chicago Press. 


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