Languages That Shape The Soul

Presenters and Responders

Orlanda Brugnola
, ARC President, New York City artist, teaches at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The third edition of her book Mooring: Moments of Meditation and Prayer, has recently appeared.

Patrick J. Quinn, ARC Secretary and Co-chair of Program Committee, Institute Professor Emeritus at Rensselaer where he was formerly Dean of Architecture. His award-winning church designs were published in Art d'Eglise, Faith & Form, Kunst & Kirche, Architectural Record and most recently in F. Debuyst: II Genius Loci Cristiano (2000 Sinai, Milan).

Mark C. Taylor is Visiting Professor of Architecture and Religion at Columbia University and the Cluett Professor of Humanities at Williams College. He received a Doktorgrad (Philosophy) from the University of Copenhagen in 1981 and a Ph.D. from Harvard in 1973, and a B.A. from Wesleyan University in 1968. Taylor has written numerous books and essays on topics ranging from philosophy, theology and literature to art, architecture, technology and economics. His most recent books are: The Moment of Complexity: Emerging Network Culture (University of Chicago Press, 2001): Grave Matters (Reaktion, 2002) and Confidence Games: Money and Markets in a World Without Redemption (University of Chicago Press, 2004).

Claudio Carvalhaes studied at the World Council of Churches in Switzerland and earned a masters in theology and literature on the thought of Albert Camus in Brazil. He is engaged in doctoral studies at Union Theological Seminary on the field of theology and liturgy, specifically focussed on post-modern theologies, art and performances.

Mark Harvey, ARC Director, teaches at MIT. He is a composer, minister, and educator and is music director of the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra.

Lisa DiFranza, ARC Director, serves as the Literary Manager and Education Director of the Portland (ME) Stage Company. She is a graduate of the M.A. Arts and Theology program at Andover Newton Theological School. Previously she served as the Artistic Director of the Childrens Theatre of Maine in Portland.

Barbara DeConcini is Executive Director and Treasurer of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), a position she has held since 1991. She was Professor of Religion and Culture at Emory University from 1991 to 2001, teaching courses in religion and literature and religion and film. She is the author of Narrative Remembering (1990) and several essays in religion, literature, and film. She is the author of Narrative Remembering (1990) and several essays in religion, literature, and film.

Eric Ziolkowski, ARC Fellow, is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Religious Studies and Head of the Religious Studies Department at
Lafayette College, Easton, PA. His most recent books are Evil Children in Religion, Literature, and Art (Palgrave 2001) and Literature, Religion and East/West Comparison: Essays in Honor of Anthony C. Yu, of which he is the editor (forthcoming with the University of Delaware Press, 2004).

William J. Conklin, ARC Vice President, is an archaeologist specializing in pre-Columbia textiles and an architect with offices in New York and Washington. His architectural work includes the United States Navy Memorial and the new town of Reston, VA. His recent archaeological work has been in Chile and published as an essay entitled "The Individual in pre-Columbian Archaeology" in the Textile Museum Journal.

Charles Henderson, ARC Director, is Executive Director of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life which publishes Cross Currents, a quarterly, academic journal inter-religious and inter-disciplinary in scope. He is the author of several books including God and Science. He edits a weekly newsletter on Christianity for and is currently working on a book on sacred space with a grant from the Louisville Institute.

Mary Jean Irion, ARC Fellow, is the founder/director (1987-97) of the Writers' Center at Chautauqua. Her work has appeared in Poetry, Yankee, New England Review, Prairie Schooner, and many other journals. Her books are From the Ashes of Christianity (non-fiction); Yes, World (essays); Holding On (poems); and She-Fire: A Safari into the Human Animal (non-fiction), now in search of a publisher.

Allen LeVines, ARC Director, is a composer, conductor, and faculty member of Berklee College of Music. His music has been performed widely in this country as well as in Europe and Japan.

Anik Pearson, ARC Director, is a New York architect who has completed a number of projects in the city and elsewhere including the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in NYC. She is a graduate of the School of Architecture of the Cooper Union

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The Moving Image

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Religion and the Visual Arts

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Theology and Music

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Theology and Poetry:
Languages that Shape the Soul

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Tracing the Garden

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Drawing on the Human

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Alfred Barr and
the Religious Dimension of Modernism

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A Theology of Beauty

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Alfred Barr and
the Religious Dimension of Modernism

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Lifting the Veil

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Performance and Symposium

November 2000
Illuminations & Transformations:
Cross-Cultural Spiritual Dynamics 
in Music, Text, Dance and Film

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Sacred Text Embodied in Visual Art

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The Meaning of Myth

November 1999
Myth, Ritual and the Mediation of Violence

May, 1999
Writers' Ways with Loving and Dying

February, 1999 
The Divine Image
Implications for a changing image of God.

October, 1998 
Uneasy Constellations of Meaning
Theological Perceptions and Visual Images in Sixteenth Century Europe &
The Religious Art of Andy Warhol

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AYNI: The Andean Concept of Reciprocity

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