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Simon Carrington
joins Yale as Professor of Choral Conducting and Conductor of the Yale Schola Cantorum. Following a 25-year international career as founder and co-director of the British ensemble The King's Singers, he was director of choral activities at the University of Kansas and then the New England Conservatory, Boston. Professor Carrington combines his responsibilities at Yale with an active free-lance career worldwide as conductor and choral clinician.

Margot Fassler is the Yale Institute of Sacred Music Director and holds joint appointments at Yale in the Divinity School, the School of Music, and the Department of Music. An historian of music and liturgy, her special fields of interest are medieval and American sacred repertories. She has written several books, including Gothic Song , which won the Nicholas Brown Prize of the Medieval Academy and the Otto Kinkeldey Prize of the American Musicological Society, and many articles, and is currently at work on a book on Hildegard of Bingen.

William Porter teaches organ improvisation at Yale, and is professor of organ improvisation and harpsichord at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester. Widely known as a performer and teacher in the United States and in Europe, he is a leader among keyboardists working toward recovery of an historical and instrument-based approach to musical performance. He has achieved international recognition for his skill in improvisation in a wide variety of styles, ancient and modern.

Markus Rathey is Assistant Professor of Music History at Yale School of Music and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. He has studied musicology, Protestant theology, and German philology in Bethel and Muenster (Ph.D. Muenster 1998). Most recently he has been employed as a Research Fellow at the Bach-Archiv, Leipzig. He has focused his research especially on Johann Sebastian Bach as well as on music of the early 17th century.

Jason M. Richardson is an ordained Baptist minister, and has over 20 years of experience directing church choirs. A recent graduate of Yale University Divinity School, he served as the Co-Pastor of the Black Church at Yale and a Chapel Minister for the Divinity School. Currently, he serves as the Youth Pastor of the Southern Baptist Church in New York City.

Yolanda Y. Smith is Assistant Professor of Christian Education at Yale Divinity School. Her teaching interests include Christian education and creativity, womanist theology, and Christian education in the African American experience. She is the author of "He Still Wid Us-Jesus: The Musical Theology of the Spirituals" and the forthcoming book, Teaching through the Spirituals: New Possibilities for African American Christian Education. Yale Schola Cantorum is a new chamber choir specializing in music before 1750 and contemporary music. Membership (by audition) is open to all full-time Yale students in any program. Marquand Gospel Choir The Marquand Gospel Choir sings music from the African-American worship traditions in Marquand Chapel each Thursday morning. Practices are held Wednesday evenings in chapel and anyone associated with YDS, ISM or BDS, be they a student, staff member, faculty person, spouse or other relative is welcome to come and sing.

Geoffrey Fairweather (ARC fellow) teaches at John Jay College, CUNY, and is the conductor of many choral groups, including the New York Labor Chorale and the National Chorale of Jamaica.

Mark Harvey (ARC Fellow) teaches at MIT. He is a composer, minister, and educator, and is music director of the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. Allen LeVines (ARC Fellow) is a composer, conductor, and faculty member at Berklee College of Music. His music has been performed widely in this country, as well as in Europe and Japan.

Allen LeVines (ARC Fellow) is a composer, conductor at Berklee College of Music. His music has been performed widely in this country as well as in Europe and Japan.

Richard Wohlschlaeger is a member of the ARC Board of Directors. He has served as pastor of Swarthmore (PA) Presbyterian Church since 1993.

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From time to time the Board of Directors elects as Fellows individuals it identifies as having made a distinguished contribution to their respective fields. The list of Fellows elected over a period of nearly four decades thus exemplifies what the Society understands as the necessary and vital connections between art, religion and culture.

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