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AYNI: The Andean Concept of Reciprocity

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Dumbarton Oaks

A seminar program sponsored by the

Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture (ARC)

In conjunction with the Association for Religion + Intellectual Life (ARIL)
to be held in

The National Building Museum, 401 F St. NW, Washington DC.
Saturday May 2nd, 1998

AYNI is a word from Quechua,
the language of the Inka empire, and the language of the present day millions of
Inka descendants who still inhabit the ghostly outlines of that conquered empire.
The word AYNI refers to the principle of reciprocity that governs all their social relations,
but AYNI is also an ontological premise about how the world is organized.
The ARC/ARIL conference will examine the subject broadly
and will include many forms of interacting duality in the art, myth, language,
and life of both the ancient and modern Andean worlds.

Building Museum
The Great Hall,
National Building Museum


9:30am  Coffee and Welcome: Susan Henshaw Jones,
Pres. and Director, National Building Museum

10:00am  Introduction: William J Conklin, moderator.


10:15am  Bruce Mannheim,
"The Grammar of Reciprocity and Reversal in the
Language of the Inka."

11:00am  Tom Cummins,
"Between a Rock and a Hard Place:
Substance, Image and the Manifestation of the Andean Sacred."

11:45am  Jeffrey Quilter,
"Animism, Anamatism, and Animation in New World Thought and Culture."

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12:30pm -- 1:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm  Welcome: Nelvin Vos, President, ARC


1:45pm  William J Conklin,
"Reading the Unwritten,
Interactive Dualism in the Textile Traditions of the Ancient Andes."

2:30pm  Catherine J Allen,
"Directing the Flow of Life:
Reciprocity in Andean Communities."

3:15pm  David L. Miller, Program Discussant

5:00pm  Reception: 701 Pennsylvania Ave.  NW, Apt. 1026

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