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A Narrative Account of The Society for the Arts, Religion, and Contemporary Culture

by Betty H. Meyer with an introduction by William J. Conklin

The volume traces the story of the Society from its beginnings in 1961 to its 40th anniversary in 2001. 

The Society’s mission is viewed within the context of the larger theological and artistic movements of the second half of the twentieth century. The author, Betty H. Meyer, knew the founders well: James Luther Adams, Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Joseph Campbell, Truman B. Douglass, Marvin Halverson, Stanley Hopper, Paul Tillich, and Amos N. Wilder.

Betty Meyer has experienced the entire history of the Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture (ARC) from its founding in 1961 to today.  An early ARC Fellow, she served on its Board of Directors for many years and has been the Society’s historian and keeper of the tradition.  From 1972 to 1979, she held the position of Executive Director of the Society.  Ms. Meyer has extensive background in both religion and the arts.

William J. Conklin, another longtime ARC participant, wrote the introduction.  The 165-page book is interspersed with poems by ARC Fellows such as Marianne Moore and W. H. Auden and also has an index and an appendix of photographs.

$20.00 per copy, postpaid

If you are interested in ordering the book e-mail:

The Society's purpose and program are based on the belief that the roles of the arts and religion are decisive. They reflect the struggle to conserve and to recover depth and wholeness, to reaffirm personal responsibility in the face of dehumanization, to define the ground for human freedom and creativity in a culture which tends increasingly to impose impersonal tyrannies over mind and spirit. Religion in isolation from the arts is starved of concrete embodiment of its insights into the fullness of human life. Art gives religion the eyes to see ourselves in all our dimensions, the ears to hear the voice of our inner lives and the instruments with which to communicate with each other. At the same time, the past suggests that the arts realize their potential most fully within that transcendent, unifying vision which is the heart of religion.

The Society meets three times each year, normally in New York City, on the first Saturday of November, February and May.

From time to time the Board of Directors elects as Fellows individuals it identifies as having made distinguished contribution to their respective fields. The list of Fellows elected over a period of nearly four decades thus exemplifies what the Society understands as the necessary and vital connections between art, religion and culture.

ARC Fellows

ARC Membership Regular $50
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Organizational (1-5 persons) $50
Organizational (more than 5 persons)$100
Checks or money orders should be made payable to "ARC"
and mailed to:

Nelvin Vos , Executive Director, ARC
15811 Kutztown Rd., Box 15
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