Society for the Arts, Religion and Contemporary Culture

Lifting the Veil

Exploring Connections
 East and West
Through Music, Dance and Text

Saturday, Nov 3, 2001    
House of the Redeemer  7 E. 95th St
New York, New York


9:30 am Continental Breakfast

10:00 am Greeting: Charles Henderson

10:15 am Performance of Jody Nagel’s "Lifting the Veil," a musical narration with readings of sacred text and saxophone improvisations by George Wolfe  -- Panel Reaction and Discussion

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm – A Celebration of Howard Fish with words by Al Carmines and performance of Ryo Noda’s "Phoenix," with George Wolfe on saxophone and Crystal Gipe dancing

1:30 pm – Rajika Puri "A Society That Dances Its Beliefs: Religion, Art and Culture in Contemporary India" -- Discussion

2:30 pm – Peter Manuel "The Sacred and the Secular in North Indian Classical Music" -- Discussion

3:00 pm – George Wolfe "Images of Soma in Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity," illustrated by Jody Nagel’s "Hymns to Soma." -- Panel Discussion and Summary Comments from Presenters

4:00 pm – Wine and Cheese

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Illuminations & Transformations:
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The Divine Image
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Uneasy Constellations of Meaning
Theological Perceptions and Visual Images in Sixteenth Century Europe &
The Religious Art of Andy Warhol

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